Quality Ratings

Every benitoite is rated for quality.   Listed here are the definitions for each rating.

IF: Internally Flawless. We do not use this mark very often, since there are no truly flawless gems, it all depends on the level of magnification, but industry standard says it must be loupe clean at 40x magnification. A standard loupe is only 10x power.

VVS: Very Very Slightly Included. These stones are loupe clean or might have a very well hidden inclusion in the girdle of the stone. Although lower than 'IF' quality, we still consider this the best possible clarity.

VS: Very Slightly Included. These stones are either eye clean or have one small area of inclusions seen using a loupe.

SI: Slightly Included. Inclusions are visible to the eye but not as heavily included as 'I' quality stones.

I: Included/Heavily Included. Inclusions are very visible and can be easily seen.