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Here's your chance to come find
the state gemstone of California, Benitoite!

-Only Open Via Reservation-

For Reservations Please Call

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-We are only accepting reservations for weekends-
-We are closed to the public on weekdays-

-Please call at least 2-3 days in advance to make your reservation-
-Please bring clear safety glasses-


$70 per person

Kids 12 and younger, only $20

Discount for seniors 70 and over with proof of current Rockhound Membership from any Federation Club, 1/2 price ($35)

No group discounts

Pay Now or When You Come:

Please call and make your reservation first before making your payment.

Bring your receipt showing proof of payment.

PayPal payment is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.

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Reservation Date
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Open Hours:

Open by reservation only

We are only accepting reservations for Saturdays and Sundays.
We are not open to the public on weekdays.

Reservations must be made via a phone call: (559)-287-4096

On the Day of Your Reservation:

Park in the parking lot next to the white buffalo.

On your reserved day we will be open from 9AM to 3PM.

Destination & Directions:

The Historic Old Road Camp
48242 Los Gatos Rd. Coalinga, CA 93210

1) From the westernmost stoplight in Coalinga, head west on Polk/Jayne Avenue for one mile.
2) Polk/Jayne Avenue will make a large sweeping turn to the right, becoming Derrick Avenue. Follow Derrick Avenue for three miles.
3) Turn left on Los Gatos Road, continue west exactly fifteen miles. Turn in just before the white buffalo on the right-hand side and you're there!

A map can be found here.


Motels recommended:
Best Western and Harris Ranch located 10 miles East of Coalinga at the junction of I-5 and 198.

Gas, groceries, and restaurants are available in the town of Coalinga.

We Supply:

- Screens, tables, buckets, water, and a quart sized ziplock bag.
- A UV dark room to look through your washed material.
- Employees there to demonstrate, assist, and identify your finds.

You Need to Supply:

Clear safety glasses for the blacklight room. Bring your lunches, drinks, and lawn chairs, A pop-up shade if you need it, rubber gloves if you need them.

Rules of the Hunt:

- Stay in the immediate area between the screening pile and parking lot.
- Do not go into buildings unless permission is granted.
- No rock hammers.
- You are allowed to take home one quart sized ziplock bag of finds per person.
- If you find something too large for your ziplock bag and would like to purchase, we will negotiate a price.
- Kids can play freely, but please keep them close.
- Pets are welcome, keep them on a leash please.

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