Photos with 'Cash and Treasures' Kirsten Gum

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Here is Aylise Keller. One of our young miners looking over her finds the day Kirsten Gum and crew shot the Cash and Treasures show.

Here's Linn with a nice cabnet sized specimen he pulled out of the ground.

Here's Jay with a handfull of small pieces of rough showing Stacy, director of the Cash and Treasures film crew.

Here's Kirstin Gum and the film crew shooting the Cash and Treasures show.

Here's Leza Junnila, local historian and famous geologist recalling adventures and treaure hunting the areas around the mine in the days of years past with her family. Terry Schreiner in the background.

Here's Rick Kennedy setting up his collection display for all to see.

Here's tent camp sites at the mine. The travel trailers are for the employees of the mine.

Here's two hard working miners finding their pot at the end of the Neptunite rainbow. Good job guys!